Why Travel the Fire?

Travel the fire is a name that tell people who we are. Travel and we are about the Ring of Fire. Thus, the website is known as Travel the fire!

It is about traveling all of the nation that include the Ring or are close to it. For the purpose of this website, it is any nation that is along the coastline of North America, Asia, or in the Pacific Ocean including Australia.

Currently, most of the writings on the websites is from Fiji, American Samoa, (Western) Samoa, Philippines, and Hong Kong. There is plans for the Kingdom of Tonga and Solomon Islands for sure. In time, every nation in the Ring of Fire will be covered.

How did it start?

In 2012-2013, I traveled as a backpacker across Samoa, American Samoa and later Fiji. It was an amazing experience and now a few years later, the vision is to return and record everything this time.

Living in Fiji and Samoa bring an interesting point of view to the discussion and it also created a fresh look at what is happening. This has led to views on the website that are both that of a tourist and that of a resident. It is a nice mix between the two.

He would later go to Hong Kong and back to the Philippines. The good news is another trip to the South Pacific is planned soon!

Samoan villageWhy remote places?

One of the reasons for this being off the beaten path and going where few have gone. The other reason for this is to help people with information that is not always easy to find. There is not much out there for how to take a ferry to Kadavu or what a flight on Polynesian Airlines is like. Travel the Fire wants to be that source!

It might mean going to Tuvalu or spending a week on Christmas Island in Kirabati. It could also mean going to Rotuma in Fiji or visiting Pentecost Island in Vanuatu. All of them will remain options.

If there is a major demand for information of a location, let Travel the Fire know and we might consider doing a complete review of the place if the enough people are asking about it.

everything free?

All information on the website will always be free as well as the Youtube channel. We do have ads on the site to offset the cost. This is the commitment that we have to readers. We will never charge the information we present here.

That is not to say that down the road that we will have products such as travel guides, t-shirts or mobile apps that could produce money for Travel the fire.

However, any product that someone from a Pacific nation needs and just can’t buy for whatever reason; contact us and we will try and get it to you as a gift.