Hating travel bloggers? Misplace anger against bloggers is dumb!

There is several fits of rage against travel bloggers right now. There is one brewing in England that has gotten to the point that traditional media is picking it up. There is one brewing in the Philippines concerning a blog and the President of the country. Then, there is one brewing in Missouri, my home state as well.

The anger towards travel bloggers is not something that I have understood. If you don’t like a blogger or vlogger, fine. No one required you to read their website or watch their video. However, to attack them with your own anger issue is crossing the line. I know from experience the danger of spineless jerks with nothing to lose try to cause harm.

The big one happening in England is just dumb. A vlogger with a subscriber base of over 80,000 asked a hotel to work with her to promote the area and indirectly, promote the hotel. The owner went into complete asshole mode and tried to shame her publically. In the end, the guy is a complete jerk and everyone sees it.

In the Philippines, a very popular blog, Rappler that doubles as a legit news outlet has just been told to close their doors. It is unlikely that they will (if anything, just go remote) but the Sociopath in Chief, Duterte is demanding they are close for confronting the genidice underway.

Back in Missouri, there is a young blogger that is just starting out as a college student that has been shamed by a restaurant for asking to work with them. I am directly involved in this one currently and the owner of the restaurant is completely out of line. Travel bloggers and vloggers is the future of media for the tourism sector but he has not seen the optometrist lately.

How to respond to anger against travel bloggers?

In most cases, it is best to let them rant and just do nothing about it. I realize that most people feel a need to defend themselves but there is no point in doing so. You will gain nothing by doing it. They live for confrontation, it is why they troll. People attack me of a daily basis calling me every name in the book but most times, I just let it go. They make demands and I laugh at their silliness. They actually believe they have a right to tell me how to live my life!

There is nothing you can say to make them realize they are not being reasonable. I have tried. There is nothing you can do to tell them that they are being cruel and downright mean. I have tried as well. If you try and explain to them that they are belittling and trash people they do not know; you will be mocking for being “weak.” I guess as a blogger, we are not allowed to have emotions like every other human has. We are some type of robots without feelings to these types of people.

Some of these clowns will go away. Some of them will make it their goal to harrass you and won’t stop at any point. In the end, trolls come and trolls go. I have weathered the longest story of digital valandizers in my career recently. It is going on 30 months and counting. In the end, they have just reveal themselves as spineless cowards to harass bloggers just for disagreeing with them. (or harping on something you said three years ago)

They are not innocent, either. If a mentally retarded guy did it; I would have compassion. The people doing this are fully aware of what they are doing. The following is an actual status made by one of them that I saw recently.

There is no way he will ever be able to clean up all the stuff we put on the internet about him. It will be next to impossible. Good job guys!

Overcoming the hate against bloggers

The first thing that most need to do is realize that people who hate do it for their own reasons. They are not looking out for your interest. You are just another guy on the internet or Youtube. They have no concern for your mind, will or emotions. They just want to have their three minutes of fame. They will never be a friend or do contirube anything positive to you.

It is important that as bloggers that we find people that do believe in us and believe in what we are trying to do. I find this in close friends who I can be transparent with. They are empathic to the storm around and they are a friendly voice in the midst of random cowards on the internet. It is critical to the emotional health to have encouraging voice in the storms.

There was a day that the hate against me was getting to me. It had finally got under my skin and I was going to come out with the gloves off against the trolls. However, one phone call from a trusted friend made me realize that I am better than having an ugly confrontation with cowards. They would find a way to twist anything that I said anyways. One friendly voice changed it all.

Remember your purpose

It is critical that you remember why you spend hours every day putting out content on your website or Youtube channel. For every hateful comment you deal with, there is hundreds who enjoy your content but say nothing. They are the silent majority. I have videos with thousands of views but few comment. Those who don’t feel a need to say anything have the same value.

My main website has over 100,000 views a month and very rarely do I get a comment on Facebook about it (I have disabled comments on the website). However, I can have articles easily getting a thousand views. They are helped and say nothing. My purpose is fulfilled and they are informed. Why should I trip about about half of dozens of stalkers? If one of them exist, I have ten thousand who are thankful for what I do.

My suggestion is to just keep the focus and keep doing what works for you. If you a travel blogger, keep blogging and you will at some point break free from the pack and get higher on search results. Last month, was the first time I had an article get a 1,000 clicks from Google in 30 days. If you are a vlogger, keep pushing out content daily. You never know when a video will go viral.

I will leave you with these words from the Bible that I believe are the key to be successful as a blogger and vlogger,

Let us not grow weary or become discouraged in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap, if we do not give in.

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