Missing Missouri : Travelers get homesick some times as well.

I am an American. I am not one of these guys that pretends that I am not or is downright ashamed to admit it. I love America and yes, I voted for Donald Trump. Having lived outside the United States for so long, it makes you miss the good hearted Missourians that really care about people and you know that smile is real.

While this is not Missouri (Nebraska line is about an hour from where I grew up), I believe this is very similar to the heart and the passion of the Missouri people.

While it is true that I grew up a city, I had the best of both worlds. I was on the edge between the a large city (Kansas City) and the farms that my extended families owned. It was a short trip to either the skyscrapers or the lakes!

It is not just the amazing ponds, the hilly Ozarks and the vast state park system that makes me miss my home state though. It is mainly the people of Missouri. Having traveled the world, I have never found anyone who is authentic as the people in the Show Me state! I miss home some times.

Why I miss Missouri

As I said, I have lived outside the United States for many years and in doing so, I have met some of the best and the worst of humanity. Being in Asia, I find that most people are fake to save face. You just never know what they think of you and how they feel about you. However, this state of phony imagery is much better than the violent outburst of emotionalism power of nationalistic racism.

This morning, I had a rather rough morning engaging with people that I know are not transparent or authentic but needed to engage them nevertheless. I knew that I was dealing with two people that cannot be trusted. It is just what people have to do with they are in the Philippines.

As the discussion went on, I found myself thinking about my family and friends in Missouri and how transparent they are. They are real people and they are authentic. When they smile, I know it is real and when they cry, that is real too!

After feeling completely disregarded in this dialog, I jumped up on Skype and just called a few people in Missouri. It was such a refreshing time to talk to someone who really cares about me as a person (not an ATM card). They did not want anything but to see how I was doing and to encourage me. This is something can be harder and harder to come by when you are in the Philippines or even Asia for that matter.

I understand that different places have different mentality and every country has its own paradigm that it views life through. However, I find none of the world to be as transparent and caring as the people of the state of Missouri.

Bad day in Paradise or more to it?

Some would say that it was just a odd event and that saying the people back home are more authentic than the locals where I am is overreach. However, I would count that with the fact that this has been a common theme since about May 2016 when the current President came to power with his anti-American nonsense.

Since he made it “cool” to hate Americans, I have seen more outburst among the locals than ever. It is not every Filipino but it is happen much more than I have even seen. I will be blunt enough to say that trying to model themselves after Duterte and his hateful behavior. It is causing the hospitality of the Filipino to slowly disappear.

Simply put, I do not think it was a bad day or a bad week. It has been a bad year for dealing with locals and I do not see it changing until at least 2022 when they actual elect a person who respect others and value people. As long as the President makes me acceptable to be a jerk, the people will follow suit. It is just a reality among the Filipinos.




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