Peter Vandever interviews Ned from Philippine Dreams

One of the travel bloggers that is either loved or hated in the Philippines is Ned Kelly from Philippine Dreams. He is known as Brian Dead Ned as well. I was able to recently check up with him as he walked out of Why Not bar. He is a big fan of the place as I understand it.

What I know of Ned from Philippine Dreams is he went to the military, didn’t do too hot and got out because there was questions about his connections to Castro and Bernie Sanders. He is proudly a full blown communist and enjoys reducing our Constitution to toilet paper.

As I understand it, he came to the Philippines because he met some woman (he is asked about that) on Date in Asia. He ended up living with her in the Philippines because he couldn’t get her a visa to the United States and that that is where we pick it up….

It was a bit of a challenge to make this interview happen because Ned had been avoiding Peter Vandever (me) for quite some time. He was not really wanting to face such a amazing vlogger and blogger. Destiny would have it otherwise.

Now, to the interview…

What happened to your relationship recently?

Philippine Dreams: Actually, her real name is Michael and biologically speaking, it was not a woman. I am a liberal so I just call him a woman because that is what Bernie Sanders said I should do. To answer your question, I got tired of looking at a fake vagina and I wanted to just have a few bar girls from time to time. That’s why I am here tonight. They are cheap according to Reekay Velez.  Was it $21 that I heard?

I know it raised a few eyebrows but look, living with someone that you are not married to does that as well. I didn’t mind living with someone just to fornicate with them. Filipino culture needs to be updated to include fornicators, adulterers and queers as you would call them. They try and regulate morality like they are George W. Bush or something.

Are you a sex tourist or not?

You know, I am tired of this question. Yes, I am a sex addict that came because women cost too much in America. I don’t like to admit it but I can get three women for the same investment as I can for one in Boston. On Sundays, Why not even has a buy one take one promo. It works for me.

The reason I am a not a fan of Angeles City is not the culture there; it is the economics of the place. It is just too damn expensive for whores. I would have to pay triple because of those slanted eyed gooks from Korea throw around P1000 like candy.

I have a ferry to catch but one last question. Why do you hate the US Constitution?

I know I was in the Army but that was just about the GI Bill. In reality, I have never liked this whole bear arms stuff. People walking around able to protected themselves from the tyranny of my beloved Hillary Clinton is not good for Rothschilds. It is mainly that second amendment bullshit that bothers me. However, as you know I am not a huge fan of the first amendment either. Free speech is way over rated.

Come to think of it, I am not a huge fan of the sixth amendment, either. This “right” for people to know who accuse them makes trolling on Youtube a bitch. I kinda feel like a criminal using false accounts to call people like you names. Real pain in the ass.


Peter Vandever

Takeaway from Peter Vandever

There was nothing too telling about meeting Ned from Philippine Dreams. I pretty much knew what he thought about being American in the Philippines but it was good to hear it right from him. I am sure his supporters, (fellow sex tourists) will be happy to read about his views on the subject.

I also was able to sit down with Reekay Velez and that interview will be up shortly.