Purpose of Travel the Fire!

Welcome to Travel the Fire! – A community of enthusiastic travelers that want to see more of the world! These are travelers who are living the backpacker lifestyle or are currently moving in that direction.

What will you find on Travel the Fire!

  • 90% practical travel advice for traveling the nations across the globe. Currently, a lot of articles are targeted in the Pacific Islands and in Asia. However, there will be more articles from North America soon.
  • 10% of just stories about life as it happens as it relates to be a traveler.
  • Some sponsored articles from resorts and restaurants. Don’t worry; we tell you upfront if you are reading one.
  • Articles about things like camera reviews and other gadgets that would interest travelers.
  • We have a special section for tips about how to build your own travel website.

The website started when I was meeting with a subscriber from my Vlog and he was asking me about something connected to Fiji. As the discussion went on, he asked me why I don’t have my travel notes online. That made me realize that I needed to built this website.

It started as BokehTravel (which was a cool name) but people kept thinking I was a Japanese traveler. Over time, it became Travel the Fire!

Here is the countries that we are focused on helping people find information about. Some of them will be focused along the coastline. Being a Pacific travel website, we won’t do a lot of articles on Maine but Los Angeles we will!

Personal Purpose

As life would have it, I have found myself in many remote places. Not everyone can say that they have been to Tuvalu or jump off a waterfall in Vanuatu. Part of what makes me unique is that I have been to several of the most remote places and there is not a lot of good information out there for the few that do make it that direction.

It seems that most travel blogs are all centered around a handful of places. You can find dozens of them for India and the Philippines but hardly any about Micronesia and Kiribati. I want to fill in that gap. While travel can be hard in this part of the world, it can be done and it should be done.

I have a personal connection to the South Pacific and always have. It was sitting on a beach in Samoa that i got some personal healing from some events that was very painful. I found a lot of healing traveling in the islands. It was far from what I thought it would be but it was something that I really needed.

I am not sure if I would be alive to write this article if it was not for that time I spend in the South Pacific. It really changed me emotionally and of course, I had to eat a lot healthier as well. I don’t think I have eaten so many bananas in my life. I thought I would become a monkey with all of them. I never have had some many coconuts, either.

Where I spend 30 days in Apia, Samoa

I won’t turn back!

People, namely my mother, ask when I am coming back to Missouri. I am not sure if I could deal with a Missouri winter anymore. I do not miss the ice and snow one bit. I love my friends who live there but I love being in the middle of the islands too. Thank God for Skype!

I would rather spend my time in a train in India, ferry in the Philippines, a beach in Samoa or some roadside fruit stand in Papua New Guinea. If I get too old to travel, I might think about going back to Missouri as an old man.