Reekay Velez, Philippine Dreams & Conflict Resolution

I would be surprised if Reekay or Ned is the one running this hate website. However, the fact remains that at least Ned Kelly of Philippines does know who he is behind it. He actually was talking about people making it 10 days before it hit the internet. There is no question they have the name involved.

I will continue to hit the expats for their behavior until they delete the hate site and accept my offer to pay them for the domain. I do not even care to know who it is. I will facilitate it through Henry or Ned if needed. The website is deleted, this website is deleted. The domain is given up; this domain will be given to Henry Velez (for free).

I do not like being like this.

It really goes against who I am to blow out something like this and not do it for the sake of drama. I feel the only way to get their attention that the hate against me, my family, my faith and my personality is to force the issue.

My privacy, integrity, and relationship has all been walk on by the followers of Reekay Velez. Some of the damages done by these heartless people will take years to repair. These reckless persons acted with the intentional goal to hurt anyone that is connected to me for no reason whatsoever.

I really hope this website does not have to remain up for long to get this massive problems between the few expats and myself that has been going on for years with no resolution.

What happens if they do not back down?

It is quite simple. They will attack me. I will respond to them. They will strike again and I will respond. It will become one big cycle of attacks and no one will win. The reality is everyone will end up hurt and broken lives will be left in the aftermath.

Until now, I have taken this stuff going on around Youtube seriously or made it personal with either Reekay Velez or Ned Kelly. I have reserved judgement until I met them. They have no desire to actually find resolution to the challenges that are in front of us.

The best option here is conflict resolution and dealing with the issues at hand. If all else fails, we can at least come to common terms and agree to disagree with some rules of engagement.