Pervert bloggers in the Philippines is on the rise: What you need to know to be informed

There is a rise in the Philippines for fake travel bloggers that do little traveling, never had been a backpackers and don’t really know much about the Philippines. They are most just sex craved perverts looking to use naive filipina for the own desires but saying they are a travel blogger make it a lot easier.

Most of them are more active on Youtube and they all are pushing middle age. They are NOT your ideal tourist in their gap year seeing the world. They are not coming to the Philippines to see Sagada, Boracay, Bohol and Palawan. For starters, their motive for even coming is to chase women.

They are a minority among tourist and expats in the Philippines but they are a very loud group that tells any older guy in America that can’t get laid in America to come to the Philippines and use the women here. They make up 1% of the tourist every year or less and less than 15% of the expats in the country. (Most expats work in Makati for Multi National Companies)

Reekay Velez

Let’s start one with the loudest of these perverted older blogger that is using travel blogging as a way to use young village girls. He has been at this since 2012 and he is popular among other men looking to come to the Philippines to chase women and use them for their desires.

He offers very little actual travel on his website, locally or nationally. Most of his videos are him putting a camera in his face and giving your his opinions on how to be a more effective womanizer.

He has went on record as saying he can and does pay for prostitutes for less than $21 a night. A travel blogger that is proud to engage in the sick act of prostitution?

Philippine Dreams

Next on the list is Ned Kelly. He is another pervert that came to the Philippines for the purpose of using women. However, it has been widely question if he is just into women. That’s another discussion for another day. He is another that mostly talks to people and little of his content is actual travel.

Recently, he is traveling with some young woman half his age and he claims they are not even dating. She is just a “travel buddy.” Problem is according to him, there is only one bed. Hmmm…. Womanizing, anyone?

Philippine Dreams is another vlogger that I would somewhat cautious about. His advice is for perverts primarily.

A Brit in the Philippines

Chris Wren, a Brit in the Philippines is next on the list. He is based in Naga City and pretends to be a travel blogger. He starts with his claiming (falsely) to live on $575 a month. Shortly after I questioned that publicly, he started begging for money from readers and viewers to go to the next town. There is little actual travel to him and he is mainly just talking about his womanizing fantasies.

About a year ago, he hooked up with a bar girl named Melody. They are “married” (doesn’t mean much in the Philippines to white old perverts) and now have a baby. To be fair, I have not followed up with them recently so I have no idea what he is doing and if his womanizing days are over.

I expect he won’t be going back to the United Kingdom with a wife and a child due to economical reasons.

Dave Phelps

This is a special case. He is not just a womanizer who left his wife for money…just to turn around marry some filipina gogo girl. He has only been in the Philippines for about a year. His knowledge of the culture, customs and people is limited to getting laid.

I say this is a special case because as soon as he came to the country, he took aim at anyone that disagrees with him and said some of the most horrible things about them… just for disagreeing with the womanizing and his hero, Reekay Velez was doing. I do not think I have seen a more condensing person with such limited knowledge of the Philippines since Barry Jordan.

He liked to gather other hateful people who do not value the first amendment and the sixth amendment and attacks them to no end. He has been attacking me as a person (not my position but me) for the last year nearly weekly. Drama is the only way he can get attention. His blog is all about hating someone who did nothing to him.   

Eric Stang

This one is someone I had the unfortunate opportunity to actual see. He is another one that likes drama and lives to be a jerk. There is NO travel content on his channel but he will rip into legit travel bloggers who have been all over the Philippines and to many nations.

His passion for drama came to a head this last summer when he actually tried to file a false police report against me (claimed I was wanted by law enforcement) just for some cheap views. Two hours of my day and i was on my way. That is just how he operates. Anything for the drama.

I do not know, nor care, what the deal is with his bar girl but I do know that he has unsuccessfully to cause drama by “confronting” me in live streams on Youtube. A confrontation would get him views and that is all he is after.

What about Peter Vandever?

Well I have been to the northern Philippines all the way to Pagudpud and I have been as far south as Tawi Tawi. I also also been to Eastern Samar and to Palawan (where I use to live). I have been to every province in the Philippines besides the Batanes.

In my years of travel in the Philippines and in the region, I have seen the people, the culture and the customs. I did not waste my time at bars looking for easy women. I would rather get on a bus to a new adventure.

In the end, the Philippines needs more people who actually come for a few weeks and leaves and less of these old white perverts like Reekay Velez, Philippine Dreams, and Chris Wren.