Sponsor an article

Travel the Fire!  does from time to time do sponsored posts if it is a good fit. If it is something the website would have on it anyways, that is what is a good fit.

The important thing is making sure the partnership is something that benefits Travel the Fire! as well as the other party. We are a website that is focused on helping young adults travel the South Pacific as secondary, a more general travel website.

As you can see below, we get a lot of views some to the website every month. This is mainly due to organic searches of people finding our articles by typing something into Google. Some of the most read articles are about an Amtrak trip to California and a ferry ride in the Philippines.

Another important issue is that any sponsorship has to be family friendly and not go against the ethics of Travel the Fire!. Philosophically, we are socially conservative. We do not promote things that goes against that.

An example could an airline sponsoring a flight in exchange for a review or a restaurant gives Travel the Fire! a gift certificate. A recent example was a hotel in Puertro Princesa, Palawan exchanged a stay for a review of their hotel.

At the end of the sponsored article, there would a statement like this,

Disclaimer: This article was sponsored by Company name. They provided a (gift certificate, flight, hotel stay, etc) in exchange for this review. The gift does not in any way determine the content of the article. There was no cash transfer in this sponsorship.


We do not ask that staff do not know it is Travel the Fire! when we come. We want honest reviews and it is best if we are just another customer visiting the establishment. We do NOT want VIP treatment.

Why us?

You might ask why a company would want to work with us? It is simple. We are a focused website on how to travel the South Pacific. It is a very direct niche to target. This is good for companies with a product that would be directed at people in this area of the world.

An example of this would be a company that has markets in Samoa and American Samoa (which is common), they could want to work with us as a large part of the traffic to Travel the Fire! is heading to Samoa for a holiday. This means working with us would be a natural fit.

We have done some work with companies with a regional footprint and that seems to be what works best. Getting a brand deal with some major multi-national company is not easy to obtain but smaller companies will work with us better. An example of this is when Inter Island Airways sponsored us to travel to Ofu, American Samoa.


 Next step

Send an email to sales@travelthefire.com with how you would like to sponsor an article and some details. We can have a dialog and work out the details.

Please note that when we are on the road traveling, response might have a few days.