Statement about the Troll Brigade : Official Statement of Peter Vandever

There has been for quite some time a organized and funded campaign that has been aimed at me directly because of my religious convictions. What  I am about to discuss is a direct violation of the first and indirectly the six amendment of the United States Constitution (that most of these trolls are citizens). These people have seek to hurt people for their own selfish entertainment. This will be my definitive statement concerning the issue. Get the facts about what happened from the source!

Historically, there has been old men come from the United States to Asia for the purpose of using young naive Asian women as sexual prey. This has been happening since at least the late 1940’s and it became very popular during the Vietnam war. Soldiers would get to rest in the Philippines and they took those visits as opportunity to engage in all types of unethical behavior that they would be ashamed of back home in the United States. This is historical fact and one of the reasons that the military bases were closed.

Since that time, men have kept coming to the Philippines for the purpose of visit prostitutes, not beaches. Many of these “tourists” rarely see any beaches, waterfalls, rice terraces or take island tours. They sit around, get drunk and plan for the next young Filipina they will use for their own sexual desire. Many of these men can not name any reason to come to the Philippines outside of women, romance, love, relationships, or mail order bride. (More on that later)

As a person of faith in the tradition of Pentecostalism that started at the Azusa Street Revival; I find their behavior to be against everything I stand for and quite honestly, everything Americans have stood for in the last two centuries. Womanizing has always happened but it was never celebrated like these men act. It would be wrong to pretend this is a new issue. After all, Thomas Jefferson did have a baby with a slave. However, it was not celebrated as socially acceptable.

I took a stand about the behavior of these men, especially the Americans coming over for the sole purpose of looking for a much younger women to use for sex. There are a few men that tell the world how everyone should come and use a Filipina and brand it as “having romance.” It is much more “romance” for the men than the woman that is being used and is left with all type of baggage as a result.

I felt I must say something and I took them on directly. I made it very clear that whoremongering is wrong and chasing women half their age is just as wrong. It has got to the point that if you are an American in the Philippines, the locals assume you are a whoremongers because so many of these older white men are here chasing women under the deception of “romance.”

A secondary reason was that everywhere I went in the Philippines, I was assumed to be looking for a woman to have sex with. That bothers me. I have traveled the world. I have never face the accusation of being a womanizer until I came to the Philippines. I never had anyone in Fiji accuse me of being there looking for a Fijian wife, for example. It is hard for a local to believe that I am just a single white male that is happily single and has no plans to change that.

I want to point out a few things about these men and how they are viewed socially, especially among Americans.

  • Relationship with foreigner women is generally frowned upon in America
  • Relationships with much younger women is also frowned upon
  • Generally, the men are regarded as dirty old men for having a much younger wife.
  • The foreign women are normally seen as gold diggers and domestic slaves.

While there are exceptions to this view and it does matter where you are (California is more tolerant than Iowa), it would be unreasonable to believe that a majority of Americans do not look down on the practice of older men on their way to the social security office trying to import a young naive woman from the Philippines or Thailand under the guise of marriage.

Anyone who denies the social ill of this conduct is either deceived or simply foolish. As I said, most Americans, regard this behavior as unacceptable and quite honestly, disrespectful.

I want to be clear: Most Americans stand with me in regarding the behavior as social unacceptable. In fact, it was an issue that I hear much discussion about when voting for Donald Trump as President. (If there was better options, it would have cost him the election)

Dealing with the Backlash

As I dealt with this and the frustration with always been considered to be in the country looking for a woman to date or marry; some people took it upon themselves to attack me. It was never a civil discourse where they welcome discussion to find common ground. I always tried to keep my cool. I was called every name in the book for simply standing for what I believe.

I made it clear that anyone who wanted to sit down and have a reasonable conversation about the issue that had people so upset with me; I was willing to do so. The only pre-condition that I required is they want to have a discussion and be civil and respectful. Very few took the opportunity to engage in thoughtful dialog.

Instead of being reasonable exchange of ideas, they started to prepare for a very organized witch hunt against me. It started with name calling and they tried to force me to back down from what I believe (and most Americans believe). When they realized that the name calling just didn’t bother me that much, they got ugly. It quickly become a witch hunt out of unchecked emotionalism.

There is nothing righteous about people acting out of rage. As Americans, we are taught culturally to be slow to anger and quick to forgive for a reason. When people act from a position of emotionalism, they tend to behave in ways that many would regret later. It is just better to not be led by the emotions in general. Direction based on feeling rarely leads to a positive outcome. We can learn from watching these full grown men act like middle schoolers in the love for drama.

Anything that they could use to hate me, they would. They did not mind if they did not have all the facts nor cared about being unbiased. In many cases, they grossly misrepresented what I said and wrote to make me sound much more worse than it really was. An example of this is the “Bring it on” statement that was actually toward a Filipino about cameras; nothing to do with expats or the issue at hand.

As things developed, I did not really care about the name calling to be honest. I am a public figure and comes with the territory. The moment you start a blog or have a Youtube channel; you are welcoming criticism. I understand that and I accept that.

They went to great lengths to hate Peter Vandever

There is no way around the fact that these men were moved by hate. In fact, several of them publically made it clear that they hate my guts because I disagree with them.

They started with making a hate website and when that did not work as well as they thought it would, they resort to a man hunt on social media using a fake wanted poster and spreading it. In fact, they went as far as nailing it to posts across the country. It was made by a guy in Davao that hates me, not anyone in the government. I was not wanted by the government for anything. There was no reward for my “capture.” I did nothing wrong in the eyes of the government of the Philippines.

They would try and figure out my exact location to send people to harass me. In their mind, if they could not get me recount what I believed as a Christian; they would put my safety at risk. There is few that would not consider what they did as criminal harassment. They would post my location or general area on the internet when possible. This was foolish and childish. Philippines is a very dangerous country and they did not mind putting someone’s else safety at risk for no reason whatsoever.

At one point, they went to the police statement and told them I was wanted by the government for this and that. The police spend a day going from one office to another to clear me of any wrongdoing. The only thing they had was a personal disagreement over a few dollars. In addition to this, they illegally filmed me using a cell phone and even publish private documents without a privacy release from me. The people in the police station very well could have committed a crime (it is very likely they were paid money for their efforts by one of these men)

After this, they went to social groups where they thought they could do more damage. These are groups that have nothing to do with expats in the Philippines or even the Philippines. Some of them included people in my hometown. In other cases, it was groups that I just happened to be in. If they saw me in a Facebook group that was not related to anything they were doing; they would join and slander me.

The latest is a wild claim that I murdered my own sister in 1990. (This article is being published on her 28th birthday ironically) There is NO evidence that points this direction but to get their fill of gossip, they want to promote this crazy idea. Do they care who they will hurt in the process? Nope. Do they care losing a daughter is still an emotionally charged for my mother? Nope. They value entertainment over people’s feelings.

Trolls move from me to family and friends

Realizing they could attack me until the second coming of Jesus and I would not be that bother by it; they moved on to other family members trying to hurt them as well. They want to harm them in order to get to me. To be clear, they do not care who they harm. The focus was to create pain in people for no reason.

Knowing that I had serious concerns about the direction of my younger brother was taking in life, he became the first target. They wanted to hurt him to try and get to me. He is making many choices in life that he will later regret so it was a soft target to trash him and hurt him emotionally. He is a much easier target to get a bull’s eye than I am so they fired away.

Let me be very clear: they did not come after him so “warn people” about what he was doing. They did not “expose” him for the good of others. They launched a witch hunt against him simply because he was my brother. No other reason. If it was so noble, they would be fighting against anyone who did what he did. They haven’t because it was only about being the brother of Peter Vandever.

From there, they took aim at other family members and spread hatred to them and about them over social media and went as far as calling people on the phone to sow discord in the family and community.

When they had no one else to trash and destroy their character; they moved on to close friends who would not give them information about me. The latest was calling a friend at work DAILY making claim it was an emergency and they needed to speak to him. In the end, they actually got him fired from his job because of all these calls just to hate me.

Where I stand about these trolls

There is nothing they can do about their behavior. They can not fix the damage they have done. A friend is now looking for a job because of their childish games. My brother is angry at the world because of them. Private information has been made public that puts people at risk. There is little to do to change that.

What bothers me is the lack of remorse that these men have. None of them will accept any responsibility for what they did. They won’t even admit they cross lines and went to far as their childishness. Some of them are happy to see my family and friends pay a price when they did nothing to these whoremongers.

They think what they did is “information warfare.” Hurting people is not acceptable. The concept of information warfare (which is nonsense by itself) is aimed at the government to protect the citzenry. It is not to harass and cause emotional damage to a young man trying to find his way back in life or a friend who is not unemployed.

I am a public figure. My family is not a public figure. My friends are not public figures. They did not do anything to receive this hatred. These men should be ashamed of themselves for what they have done but I am not holding my breath. They should take step to walk back the damage THEY did but they won’t. They should have enough decency to at least remove the slanderous nonsense they created to hurt people, including my brother ( I repeat he is NOT a public figure) but they won’t. It would take morals to do the right thing….something these people just don’t have.

The reason that I know that they will not do anything is these people have zero concern for others. They never stop to consider the feelings of another before attacking them. They knew what they were doing but they did it anyways. It had nothing to with religious or cultural convictions. It has to do with just being hatred and trying to get “revenge” because I took a strong stand against their whoremongering.

I have yet to see any of these people show any respect for people whom they disagree with or even be civil. I do not expect that to change in the future. They have no desire to be decent people. They will continue to hurt people. It is what it is.

Officially, I do not care of they attack me. I am in the presence of the public. All I ask is they leave my family and friends out of it. It would be nice if people considered that attacking me does affect other people indirectly. However, I consider asking these weak minded people to be considerate of others too high of an order.

Peter Vandever